Vij’s Railway Express has evolved into one of the most innovative and exciting caterers in Vancouver. Fun stations, beautifully presented and delicious bites take your event to the next level……

Vij’s Railway Express, Vancouver’s award-winning Indian food truck, has earned acclaim as Vancouver’s most innovative caterer.

Whether you are seeking a Street Food/Food Truck experience for your guests, or a more traditional catering with Indian flare, Vij’s Railway Express is committed to making your event memorable (and delicious!).

Our menus are creative, the energy of the truck brings incredible excitement to any event, and our flexible service options ensure your event is a hit.

CUSTOM CATERING: Vij’s Railway Express offers full-service catering and bar, as well as catered delivery.  Our Indian menus are crafted to fit the budget and tone of your event, and our catering consultants will offer recommendations for service-level offerings to ensure the appropriate level of event support.

FOOD TRUCK EXPERIENCE:  Vij’s Railway Express brings the Food Truck revolution directly to your event. We roll-up, feed  your guests, and roll out. Incredible food, memorable experiences, and clean-up services all in one!

OFFICE ORDERING: Vij’s Railway Express specializes in bringing our delicious food into your office. We offer delivery and catering menus to make sure your next office event is as delicious as it is productive. We can’t bring the food tuck everywhere, so this is the next best thing.




Rice Puff & Chickpea Salad

Chickpeas, tomatoes, onion, and green peas with rice puffs and spiced nuts. Dressed with mint mango chutney and fresh citrus juice. (VG GF) 


Butter Chicken Schnitzel

Breaded chicken thigh, rich tomato-fenugreek cream curry, mango raita. Served with cumin infused basmati and naan.


Butter Masala Paneer

Seared yogurt marinated pieces of Paneer cheese, rich tomato-fenugreek cream curry, mango raita. Served with cumin infused basmati and naan.


Chicken Kalonji

All natural grilled chicken in a kalonji-tomato masala mixed with lentils with a coconut milk reduction. Served with cumin spiced basmati rice and naan.


Pacific Cod in Mango Sour Cream Curry

Seared pacific cod and sautéed peppers in a mango-sour cream curry. Served with cumin infused basmati and naan.


Lamb Korma

Spiced Peace Country lamb, fennel-tomato masala garnished with spiced peanuts, crispy onions, and tamarind raita. Served with cumin basmati rice and naan.


Butternut Squash and Potato Bengali Curry

Roasted butternut squash, roasted potato medallions with chickpeas in a Bengali coconut masala. Served with cumin infused basmati rice and naan. (V)


Veggie Pakora

Mixed seasonal vegetables fried as a fritter. Served with house made date chutney.